Looking for Victor Number plates?

Victor Number Plates

If you are looking for personalised number plates with Victor, then your search is finally over,  V16 TDR is exclusively available with Speedyreg.  The digit 6 makes a brilliant C and the letter D is an excellent substitute for an O.

Victor Number Plates

This victor registration would also be an excellent choice if you would want to become the ultimate fan of Victor Meldrew.

Victor Meldrew was a fictional character in the popular BBC One sitcom One Foot in the Grave, who became most famous by his frequently used catch phrase, “I don’t believe it!” . Victor Meldrew has become a euphemism for a bitter and complaining elderly man.

So whether you are called Victor, want to be the Ultimate Victor Meldrew fan, or maybe you know someone who is like Victor Meldrew, then this Personalised Registration is perfect for you.