Buy an Ebay car, get a wife for free

In June 1972, Jennie Ashton bought a new bue MGB GT , which she named Bluebird, and drove it for over 30 years, keeping a record of invoices and MoT certificates until she was forced to sell it in 2002 due to ill health.

In 2009, Alan Gill decided to buy a 1972 MGB GT, having been in avaiation all his life, blue was his favourite colour and he tracked one down on ebay. His bid was successful and he drove the following day to Colchester Essex to pick up. Alan proceeded to read a 30 year old dossier kept by Jennie which was still in the car and thought it would be nice to contact her.

Alan wrote a letter to Jennie, which she replied back via e-mail “WOW, my baby is still alive and being driven and loved, thank you for making an old lady very happy‼

One e-mailed followed another and in no time the pair decided to finally meet. In July 2009 they meet and the romance blossomed, expecially when Jennie saw her MG again. Alan popped the question last year and the pair were married this April this year, they even drove to the Church in the beloved Bluebird.

The moral of the story is buy a new car and perhaps you’ll find your new wife.. Wonder what will happen if you buy personalised number plates for your vehicle??