What are Cherished Registrations?

The term Cherished Registrations usually refers to personalised car number plates. Cherished Registrations belong to Motorists who want the have something they have chosen on their number plates rather than the registration the DVLA would automatically issue them.

To obtain a Cherished registration, you will have to pay extra money to be able to choose the registration you would like on your vehicle. Increasingly over the past few years more and more companies are adding Cherished Registration to their fleet of vehicle to promote their businesses.

The internet is the most popular way of searching for Cherished Registrations. If you are sure of the combination you would like you can just type the registration into the search option and view on a number plate. However if you are unsure to exactly what registration you would like you could use the clever search facility on www.speedyreg.co.uk, where you can type in your name and it will provide you with a list of possibilities.  For example if you type in the name KAREN, it will give you KAZ options as KAZ can be short for Karen.  

Cherished registrations are a good way to personalise your car’s registration number. Buying one is not complicated. In fact, it is very easy, as long as you have a number and letter combination in mind and if you have the money to pay for it, you can easily buy your car a cherished registration number.

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