Qatar to issue new number plates for vehicles

The Arab country Qatar will have new vehicle number plates with the state’s name embossed in English. The numbers in English on the new license plates will also be a lot larger than the ones at the moment. The number of vehicles on Qatar’s roads continues to rise at the rate of approximately 10,000 a month.

The Traffic Department will also be monitoring the amount of motorists who drive without registrations. They currently have a computer system that alerts them when a driver has reached all the points on the license, they are using a system similar to the ANPR system in United Kingdom.   

The Traffic Department has also issued new by-laws on the 28th August. Under the new by-laws, third party insurance premiums for vehicles have increased along with renewal fees for Driving Licenses.  They have also made it mandatory for six driving schools operating in the country to have at least 15 hours of theory and 35 hours of practical curriculum.

Booklets in English and Arabic on traffic laws are being made available soon to all motorists in the country.