Motorists invest in anti-thefts screws

Carshalton Police advise Motorists to invest in anti-thefts screws for their number plates

With the large increase in number plate thefts, the Police are advising residents to use special anti-theft screws. Last week alone three cars were targeted, a rover hatchback in the Middleton Road, a BMW 3-series in the Woodstock Road and a Volkswagon Polo in the Assembly Walk Road.

Unfortunately the stolen number plates are being used for so called “drive-outs”. The cars in the drive outs have the stolen plates attached fill up with Petrol and drive off with our paying.

The local Crime Prevention Officer PC Pat Simcox, have advised that drivers could help protect their number plates by fitting them with ‘anti-theft’ screws, which are becoming available at most good motor retail outlets in the borough.

If you would like to order a set of anti-theft screws please call us on 0845 346 4343.