ROS 5 Number Plate for sale

Jonathan Ross’s perfect number plate has just become available exclusively through Speedyreg for nearly half the price than back in 2003, where the owner wanted more the £1.2 million. It can be purchased for £510,000 from Speedyreg.

In July 2003, a millionaire scottish car salesman Ross Campbell turned down a £1.2 million bid from TV presenter Jonathan Ross for his personalised number plate ROS 5. ROS 5 Number Plates

ROS 5 is a very famous number as it has been shown on TV on many occassions.  The ROS 5 number plate was also featured on TV when he appeared on a documentary about the serial conman Paul Bint. Mr Campbell was conned out of a £55,000 Aston Martin DB7 by Bint, who had pretended to be a Millionaire. Mr Campbell has also put his 1 ROS number plate up for sale through Speedyreg. 1 ROS Number Plates

Therefore if Telly Star Jonathan Ross OR one of his fans would now like to purchase this rare registration please click on ROS 5 Number Plate