The new Cherished Car Number Plate

Ring Tone for Cars to be the new Cherished Car Number Plate

DRIVERS will soon be able to pick a personalised noise for their car – like choosing a ring tone for a mobile phone.

Vehicles could be made to sound like anything from Lewis Hamilton’s F1 motor, to Noddy’s car.

Experts making the latest fleet of electric cars are developing the idea because the engine is so quiet, it is feared some pedestrians might not hear it. Different sounds are being created to go with each model – and they could be the cherished numberplates of the future.

Norfolk car maker Lotus is working with European and Japanese makers to test sound effects. Chief engineer Colin Peachey said they were looking at sci-fi films like Blade Runner and I, Robot for noises.

He said: “The system’s customisable by territory or individual. You could have Star Wars sounds for the US market and Doctor Who for the UK.”

The software in the new motors will change the noise the car makes,  depending on the driver’s speed.  Nissan, which launches its Leaf electric car in the UK next March, will fit each model with a standard sound – similar to a whooshing starship.

Dr Who fan David Glover, 29, fancies a car that makes the sound of the Tardis. He said: “It might make more people think about going green.”

PETROL cars will no longer exist in the UK in 30 years time, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne said yesterday. He said: “Electric cars have fewer parts and are easier to service.

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