DVLA’s main responsibilities

DVLA‘s responsibilities

    * maintaining records of licensed drivers and registered vehicles

    * issuing licences to drivers and the maintenance of the vehicle driving entitlements

    * maintaining records of driver endorsements, disqualifications and medical conditions

    * issuing registration certificates to vehicle keepers

    * collecting and enforcing vehicle excise duty (VED)

    * facilitating the police and intelligence authorities in dealing with vehicle related crime

    * registering and issuing tachograph cards

    * issuing vehicle registration marks

    * selling attractive vehicle registration marks

    * selling anonymised data

DVLA’s strategic policy outcomes

    * reduced personal and economic loss from road accidents as part of improved road safety

    * reduced vehicle related crime and support for the reduction of other crime

    * reduced harm to the environment by vehicles

    * improved public experience of government

DVLA’s vision is:

” to be the trusted partner, right at the heart of road safety.”

DVLA’s mission is:

“to maximise our contribution to improve road safety, reducing crime , improving the environment and improving public experience of Government services through the efficient provision of our statutory core activities of driver and vehicle registration”