Celebrating Motorcycle Ride Day!

Speedyreg - National Motorcycle Ride Day 2019
Speedyreg – National Motorcycle Ride Day 2019

We’re always talking about cars here on the Speedy Reg blog, but as much as we do love cars, we’re also very keen on motorbikes too. You only need to take a look in our warehouses to know that. There you’ll find literally hundreds of bikes. Why? Because we store a lot of our stock number plates on them! That means we can transfer them over to you really quickly. All our motorcycles are lovingly cared for by our talented team of mechanics, it really is a labour of love looking after so many bikes!

So today we celebrate Motorcycle Ride Day, a day to get out and about on your bike and have a great time. If you’ve got a bike in your garage and haven’t ridden it in a while, then today is the day to get out there. It’s the perfect time of year, before the roads get icy and covered in snow. You could get your biker friends together and take to the country roads, or look out for groups to join. There’s nothing quite like riding with a bunch of like-minded people, stopping off at a country pub for a bite to eat and you can talk about bikes to your hearts content, with people who share your interest and won’t get fed up!

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Private plates for your bike

Perhaps you could celebrate Motorcycle Ride Day by buying your bike a present! It’s probably not going to want a steak dinner or an Xbox, but surely it would love a personalised number plate? If that sounds like a good idea to you, the first step is to choose the perfect plate for your treasured motorbike. So get to our website www.speedyreg.co.uk and just type any words or numbers you’d like into the big yellow number plate search box. You’ll then see plenty of options to choose from. You could start with your name. A plate with your name on is always a great choice, so just type in your name, your nickname or your initials and see what results you get. Or perhaps you’d like a bike related plate? How about a biker plate? We’ve got B141 KER and BB51 KER available right now. If you own a moped, we’ve got a brilliant plate for you… MOP 33D. If you love a bit of speed, perhaps you’re a big fan of track days, then how about a racer plate? We’ve got lots of these to choose from such as RAC 3R, RAC 8R, RAC 13R and RAC 33R.