Celebrating all Creatures Great and Small on World Animal Day

Speedyreg - World Animal Day 2019
Speedyreg – World Animal Day 2019

World Animal Day unites the globe in the goal of helping animals and supporting animal rights. The day was first celebrated in 1925 and it has been used as a day for bringing animal welfare issues to the forefront ever since. There will be many events going on to raise awareness so look out for open days at animal shelters, talks, workshops and animal blessing services. Look out for fundraising events in your local area for a fun day out helping to raise money for a great cause. Today might be a super day to offer your help at an animal shelter or drop off a donation. If you’ve been thinking about giving a loving home to a rescue pet then why not make that decision and change an animal’s future today.

In celebration of World Animal Day we’ve picked out some of our favourite animal personalised number plates that you can buy today to express your love of animals. Whether it’s a wild animal, a farmyard friend or your own beloved pet, you can pick a plate that lets the world know you are an animal lover…

Perfect pet plates

Our pet plates, particularly cat and dog plates are always popular and we’ve got plenty in stock to choose from right now. Prices for DOG plates start at just £199 and for this low price you could have AO54 DOG, CO53 DOG or EO02 DOG. Also available are F9 DOG, DOG 1L and DOG 805S. For cat lovers you could have the purr-fect CAT 1, or how about 22 CAT? If you own a horse,  then we’ve got the ultimate plate for you. How would you like HOR 5E. That would look amazing on a horse box!

To the farm and beyond

How about a COW plate for just £199? Take your pick from a wide range including BO52 COW, AO03 COW and CO52 COW. Or opt for something a little wilder with WOL 1F, WOL 11F or WOL 111F. You can go small with an ANT plate such as D3 ANT or B7 ANT, or with a slight variation you can have a giant plate… 61 ANT. We’ve got 8 RAT and 1 BAT for sale right now, or if you’re keen on mini beasts then how about a spider plate? 521 DER, perfect for Halloween! You could snap up this Alligator plate – GAT 35S or get cuddly with a panda plate such as PAN 15A.

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