Planning your Post-Brexit Driving Holiday

World Tourism Day - Speedyreg
World Tourism Day – Speedyreg

It’s World Tourism Day and the weather here is getting cooler, so many of us are starting to think that it’s about time we had a holiday! Perhaps you’re planning to jet off to some far-flung destination, but maybe you love a driving holiday touring Europe, perhaps camping or staying in beautiful hotels. With Britain leaving the EU on October 31st, there will be some changes to the way in which we travel throughout Europe, so if you’re looking to get out there and take your personalised number plates over to France and beyond, you’ll need to be prepared. But don’t panic, your days of driving across Europe aren’t over, there are just going to be a few more things you need to do in preparation for your road trip.

Nothing is yet set in stone so do check the government website regularly for any news but so far these are the steps you’ll need to take…

Get your International driving Permits

It’s likely you will need a permit to drive within European countries. You may need more than one permit if you’re travelling to more than country. Bear in mind that you may need a permit for a country even if you’re just crossing a border and back again a few miles later, so check your route carefully so you don’t get caught out. You’ll need to carry your UK driving license with you of course. If you’re driving in Ireland, you won’t need an International Driving Permit if you have a UK license. Also consider hiring a motorhome as they afford you an incredible amount of freedom for your travel and hiring a luxury motorhome like the Zefiro 696 makes it affordable too so it’s an ideal solution.

Get your motor insurance green card

You’ll also need a motor insurance green card which you can obtain from your vehicle insurance provider a month before you set off on your holiday. Under some circumstances you will need more than one green card. You’ll need a green card for both your main vehicle, and anything you are towing such as a trailer or a caravan. Some countries will also require you to have a separate insurance policy for a trailer. Some trailers also need to be registered before you can tow them through many EU and EEA countries. Trailers over 3,500kg will need to be registered. Also, if your insurance policy renews while you’re away, you will need a green card for each policy, the current one and the new one. If you unfortunately don’t have an insurance green card and you need assistance for your vehicle, then you should consider contacting these 24 hour towing services.

Take your vehicle registration documents

If you’re travelling in your own vehicle you’ll need to carry your log book (V5C) with you or if you’re driving a hired vehicle then carry the VE103 which is proof that you are allowed to drive that vehicle overseas.