May Day – More than just a Bank Holiday

May Day Bank Holiday - Speedy Reg
May Day Bank Holiday – Speedy Reg

When you think of May Day, you most likely just think about your nice day off work for the bank holiday, but May Day itself is steeped in ancient traditions, many of which still live on, especially in small towns and villages around the country.



We were up

long before the day-o

To welcome in the summer

To welcome in the May-O

For Summer is a coming in

and Winter’s gone away-O

While ‘officially’ summer is a way off, traditionally, May the 1st marks the first day of summer, and you only have to look around you to see that this is true. The sun has started to shine, the flowers are blooming and the new baby lambs can be seen in the fields. Look out for the hawthorn in flower, it’s known as the May Tree for a reason.

There’s not a budding boy, or girl, this day,

But is got up, and gone to bring in May.

While May Day is the 1st of May, many celebrations take place on the May Day Bank Holiday, purely for convenience, so more people can join in. If you’re keen to take a step back 2000 years in time and see some traditional May Day activities, then search for your local villages with village greens, if you’re lucky, you’ll find maypole dancing or Morris dancers performing and a May Queen crowned with a garland of flowers.

‘Twas early next morning I made her my bride

That the world would have nothing to say

And the bells they shall ring and the bridesmaids shall sing

And I’ll crown her the queen of the May.

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