Time for a Tea Party – It’s National Tea Day! 

National Tea Day - Speedy Reg
National Tea Day – Speedy Reg

There’s no denying that the British love their tea! Whatever the situation, tea is always the answer. When the worst happens, a cup of tea is always offered. Something to celebrate? Then we’ll put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea. The nation may be divided on whether it’s best to put the milk in first or after, but we’re all in agreement, you can’t beat a good cup of tea!

Appreciate the tea

So today is National Tea Day, a day to celebrate our national love of this, the most classic of all drinks. The theme this year is ‘Reignite Your Passion’. We all take tea for granted, our morning cuppa is so ingrained in our routine, we don’t tend to step back and think about the tea we drink. Whether it’s quick and easy with a box of tea bags, or you like the process and ceremony of using proper leaves in a tea egg, just take a moment to think about that humble cup of tea, what a journey that tea has gone on to end up in your cup!

Get experimental

It’s easy to get stuck in your ways when it comes to tea, but there are so many amazing types of tea out there. Why not step outside of your comfort zone and try some new teas. From Assam and Earl Grey, to green teas and a world of fruit and herb teas, there’s so much to discover! Many types of tea can be bought so inexpensively, why not buy a selection and have a tea tasting? Or visit your favourite cafe and try the best tea on their menu.

Throw a tea party

Tea is great for bringing people together. Think of all the problems that have been solved over the centuries over a cup of tea! Why not celebrate National Tea Day by holding your own tea party. Get out your best china, brew up some tea and it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some delicious cakes too!

Tea plates for tea lovers

People are passionate about tea, and if you’re one of them, how about a TEA private plate? It’ll always be time for tea when you have a TEA plate. You won’t be short of choice when you type ‘TEA’ into our search box. We’ve certainly got enough TEA plates for everyone with plates such as 15 TEA, TEA 60Y, A9 TEA, BE51 TEA and many more besides.