Formula One 1000th Race Milestone – The Chinese F1 Grand Prix

Chinese Grand Prix - Speedy Reg
Chinese Grand Prix – Speedy Reg

It’s a pretty huge milestone, Formula One is celebrating 1000 races with the Chinese Grand Prix this weekend. However, technically, it’s not actually the 1000th F1 race, it’s the 1000th World Championship race, as several of the races that have been counted towards the 1000 were not F1 races, but races that awarded points towards the World Championships and several F1 drivers participated. We’re a font of knowledge here at Speedy Reg you know!

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc will certainly be hoping this milestone race will be luckier for him than Bahrain where he suffered engine problems just 9 laps before the finish. The problem has been located and fixed, a short circuit in an injection system control unit apparently, and the same unit will be used for the Chinese GP, so let’s hope the problem really is sorted!

Lewis Hamilton is also a good contender for this circuit, he’s been on pole position a record six times at the Shanghai track. He won here back in 2017 and as a result got a tattoo that reads ‘Warriors Love’ in Chinese. Perhaps he’ll get another one if he wins this weekend?

Watching the race

You can watch the race, including all practice sessions and qualifying, live on Sky Sports F1.  Here’s the schedule to make sure you don’t miss any of the action…

Practice 1: 3:00am – Friday 12th April

Practice 2: 7:00am – Friday 12th April

Practice 3: 4:00am – Saturday 13th April

Qualifying: 7:00am – Saturday 13th April

Race: 7:10am – Sunday 14th April

It’s an early start every day, so don’t forget to set your alarm!

Fascinating Facts about the Chinese Grand Prix

  • The circuit is in the shape of the Chinese character Shang that means ‘to ascend’ and is part of the name Shanghai.
  • The course is built on reclaimed marshland on 40,000 concrete pillars sunk into the soft ground.
  • In 2011 sections of the circuit had to be resurfaced due to subsidence.
  • Only one driver has set the fastest lap record here more than once, and that’s Lewis Hamilton, who has achieved this four times.
  • The first ever Chinese Grand Prix was held in 2004 and was won by Rubens Barrichello in a Ferrari F2004.

CGP plates for the Chinese Grand Prix

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