Take a Break From Brexit 

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Brexit, are you sick of that word now? Whether you voted leave or remain, we can pretty much all agree on one thing, we’re getting fed up of it! The topic has dominated the news for what seems like  forever, and it appears nothing is really getting sorted one way or another. The implications of whatever changes, when something actually does happen, could be huge. It’s as worrying as it is annoying at the moment. So we suggest you forget Brexit for a while, let the politicians argue it out while you take a break and get away from the infernal topic! But how do you do that? It’s everywhere isn’t it? Now with the deadline upon us, it’s only going to get worse. But don’t worry, here are our ideas for escaping and taking a Brexit break…

Take a walk in the countryside

Pick a spot out in the countryside, somewhere really remote and beautiful. Take a stroll in the woods, or along the coast. Breathe in the fresh air and soak up those views. Let all the Brexit stress ease away from your mind. You may want to stop for lunch. You’d better not risk a country pub, they may have the news on the television, pack a picnic instead and enjoy your sandwiches in the peace and calm of the countryside, the sheep and cows won’t want to share their political opinions with you.

Navigate the Internet with care

Don’t click on the news headlines this morning, and don’t check Facebook. All your friends and family will be airing their opinions, and you’re bound to disagree with at least some of them. It’s time to venture to the happy side of the Internet. Check out some calming videos of kittens on YouTube. Play a casual game for an hour or two.

Watch a film

Live TV is going to be full of news and politics today. If you want to avoid it, then your best option is to watch a film. Pick something light hearted and relaxing. A comedy, or a nice Disney film perhaps?

Gather together with like minded people

Know anyone else who’s sick of Brexit and wants to avoid it too? You could throw a party or hold a gathering. With a rule that no one checks their phones for the latest news and definitely no talk of politics. Eat, drink and be merry, what will be will be, you can’t change it today, but you can have a break from it!

Choose your new private plate

We promise, if you take time out to peruse our website and pick out a new private plate for yourself, you won’t accidentally stumble across any Brexit news.