How to Cope with the Clocks Going Forward 

Clocks Go Forward - Speedy Reg
Clocks Go Forward – Speedy Reg

Don’t forget to put your clocks forward! Yes, you’re going to lose an hour of sleep. You enjoyed that extra hour back in October, but that’s long forgotten. Do you end up tired and stressed when the clocks go forward? Here’s how to ensure your mind and body cope with the change…

Prepare in advance

It’s all well and good just going to bed early the night before, but when you’re used to a specific bedtime, chances are you’ll just lie there for an hour. The trick is to work up to it, get to bed just a little earlier each night for a few days before the change.

Have a lie in

The good thing about the clocks changing on a Saturday night, is that the next day is a Sunday, so if you can, just lie in for an extra hour on Sunday so you’re having the same amount of sleep your body is used to.

Change your clocks the night before

If you change the clocks the evening before the change over, then you don’t have to lie in bed thinking ‘ I must remember to change the clocks tomorrow’ and you won’t risk forgetting and being late for something!

Have a chill-out night before the change

Encourage your body and mind to have a great night’s sleep. Have a long luxurious bath, don’t use your phone in bed as the blue light mobile devices give off trick your brain into thinking it’s morning, and don’t stress about that hour you’re going to lose.

Think of the positives

Look forward to all the advantages of the time change. You’ll have lighter evenings, you can spend them sat in your garden, picture yourself there. With more hours of daylight, your body will produce more Vitamin D which is great for keeping you healthy. It will be lighter in the mornings, so no more getting up for work in the dark. For the thrifty, think of the money you’ll save. You’ll be spending less on heating and lighting. If you have solar panels, they’ll be getting more use too. You’ll also be safer on the roads. Studies show that there are less road casualties in British Summer Time with better visibility, especially if you drive in the evening. So if you’re getting a new private plate for the summer, you can rest assured that you’re much safer going out driving to show it off after the clocks have changed!