Dido Returns with New Album and Tour 

Dido New Album – Speedy Reg

Singer and songwriter Dido has just released her new album Still On My Mind, and that’s not all the good news, she’s also touring, the first tour in 15 years! We haven’t had a new album from Dido in six years now, and while her previous albums still stand the test of time, it’s fabulous to have some new material to enjoy!

The new album was recorded with her brother Rollo. Much of the album was recorded at Dido’s home and all the vocals were recorded sat on the sofa! This album displays both her folk roots and her love of hip hop. It’s an upbeat album with a dance music vibe.

Track Listing

1. Hurricanes

2. Give You Up

3. Hell After This

4. You Don’t Need a God

5. Take You Home

6. Some Kind of Love

7. Still on My Mind

8. Mad Love

9. Walking By

10. Friends

11. Chances

12. Have to Stay

There are just four UK and Ireland dates on the tour, so be quick and get your tickets booked, it’s bound to sell out fast.

Tour dates

May 26 – Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall
May 27 – Dublin, Olympia Theatre
May 29 – Manchester, Albert Hall
May 30 – London, Roundhouse

Dido hates her real name

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