Chelsea vs Manchester City – It’s the Carabao Cup Final!

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Carabou Cup Final – Speedy Reg

It’s only been a few weeks since City beat Chelsea 6-0, so will their success continue and lead them to victory in the Carabao Cup Final? There’s really no way of knowing when two such great teams battle it out for the trophy, so you’re just going to have to watch the match and find out. Exciting!

Kick off at Wembley Stadium is at 4:30pm and you can watch on Sky Sports Football, with footage starting at 3:30pm and on Sky Sports Main Event at 4:00pm after the Liverpool vs Manchester United game, which is bound to be well worth a watch too!

Manchester City won their place in the final by beating Burton Albion 10-0, a pretty impressive result/ Chelsea beat Tottenham in their semi final. Manchester City will be defending their title as of course they were winners of the last Carabao Cup.

While it’s a prestigious title to win, the prize money, while considerable, certainly isn’t as huge as the FA Cup or the Premier League being just £100,000 for the winner and £50,000 for the runners up, but it’s the prestige of winning that will drive the players on and not any level of prize fund!

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