Grab a ‘Pizza’ the Action – it’s Pizza Day!

Pizza Day Number Plates — SpeedyReg

Yes, as if you needed an excuse to order pizza, it’s Pizza Day! So forget the new year’s resolutions to eat rabbit food and treat yourself to a delicious deep pan crust, smothered in tomato sauce, oozing with melted cheese and a generous portion of all your favourite toppings, and an extra topping just because you can, as it’s National Pizza Day so treat yourself!

What will you go for? Pepperoni? Barbecue chicken? Pineapple or definitely no pineapple? Vegetarians don’t need to miss out, there are plenty of great veggie toppings, peppers, sweetcorn, onions, yummy! You can even get vegan pizzas and gluten free pizzas these days. It’s a wonderful world.

Up until recently I always thought that ‘breakfast pizza’ was just pizza you had left over from the night before, that makes you feel ever so slightly guilty when you eat it, cold, straight from the fridge. But after a recent visit to the good old US of A, I discovered that breakfast pizza actually is a real thing. For those not in the know, it’s a pizza base with an omelette topping instead of the cheese, and lots of breakfasty additions, such as sausage and bacon. So now you can have pizza for three meals a day. You’ve got to love those Americans!

The perfect plate for pizza lovers

If you’re a big fan of pizza too, then we’ve got the ultimate pizza private plate for you… PP11 ZZA. Which would be a brilliant plate for a pizza delivery company to have on their delivery vehicle. We even also possess a UK food delivery insurance so that our riders are insured.

Celebrate Pizza Day with friends

One of the many great things about pizza, is that it’s perfect for sharing. So why not invite friends or family round to celebrate pizza day in style? Cook your own, or order in lots of different pizzas, you could even have a taste test and mark all the pizzas out of ten. Which one will be the winner? Alternatively, go out for pizza and support your local pizza restaurant. They may even have some special pizza day deals on!

Try something new

There’s always that one slightly odd sounding pizza on the menu that you never dare order isn’t there? You go for the safe option because you know you’re going to enjoy your meat feast or your chicken and sweetcorn. So why not opt for the wild card this time? Kebab pizza and bolognaise pizza are both surprisingly delicious, or go for a hot and spicy pizza for a change?

Whatever your plans, have a wonderful day, and of course, don’t forget the pizza!