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It’s been six years since Avril Lavigne last released a studio album, so no doubt Head Above Water has been eagerly awaited by all her fans. Well now it’s finally here! Avril has been working on this album for several years, through her divorce and her battle with Lyme Disease. The title track Head Above Water was the first song she wrote while she was bedridden with Lyme Disease, and this is a theme that continues throughout the album. We’ve already heard three tracks from the album, Head Above Water which came out last September, followed by Tell Me It’s Over in December, and then Dumb Blonde which was released this week. So that gives us another nine brand new tracks left to enjoy!

Head Above Water Track Listing

Head Above Water


I Fell in Love With the Devil

Tell Me It’s Over

Dumb Blonde ft. Nicki Minaj

It Was in Me




Bigger Wow

Love Me Insane


Avril Lavigne Trivia:

  • In 2006 Avril was the voice of Heather the opossum in Over the Hedge.
  • She sang on stage with Shania Twain when she was 15.
  • Avril was featured in the game The Sims as a non-playable character.
  • Her favourite food is pizza and her home town named a pizza after her.
  • Avril taught herself to play the piano, drums and guitar.
  • She has a swear word tattooed on her ribs (it begins with an ‘F’). Brody Jenner got one to match!
  • Avril holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest female sol artist to reach number one in the UK album charts.

Number plates for Avril Lavigne Fans

If you’re super excited about this new album, then how about a special Head Above Water HAW number plate to celebrate the release? You could have BA66 HAW, FA57 HAW, F11 HAW or HAW 7Y.  Or you could have a LAV plate such as C3 LAV, T6 LAV or L800 LAV.

All our plates can be put straight onto retention certificate, so if you’re not ready to change plates just yet but have found one you want and are keen to make sure no one else snaps it up, this is a great way to secure that perfect plate. If you’ve got two favourite bands or artists then you can keep one on retention and swap them when you’re fancying a change!

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