NI Science Festival – There’s So Much Going On!

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Whatever your interests, you’ll find something to enjoy as part of the NI Science Festival that runs from 14th February through to 24th February. With over 180 events at more more than 50 venues, you’re sure to find something to fascinate, educate and amaze you. Whether you attend alone, or with the family, check out all the events and you’ll discover there’s the perfect activity for you.

In the daytime you’ll find plenty of talks, workshops and special interactive events for young people. The evening events are aimed more at adults and cover a wide range of topics including debates, talks, films, music and even comedy.

So what delights are in store at the festival?

Well if you like a drink, why not learn a little more about your favourite tipple with Why do Guitars Taste of Hops? – The Science of Beer or Physics of Gin? For those interested in engineering, there’s a fascinating talk about the history of The Silent Valley Dam. Kainos Code Camp is a brilliant opportunity for young people between 14 and 18 to learn how to build websites and apps. Or how about learning about the mind of a criminal with Evil: The Science Behind Humanity’s Dark Side with Julia Shaw?

These are just a handful of the huge amount of events going on during the festival so check out the full programme at for the full listing.

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These and many more science related plates can be found via our website, see what you can find at Don’t forget to check out the NI Science Festival events and see what’s going on in your area too.

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