Happy 25th Birthday to Zayn Malik 

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Zayn Malik Birthday Number Plates

With an estimated net worth of £35 million, young Zayn from Yorkshire has certainly done well for himself! His lucky break came when he auditioned for The X Factor, despite being eliminated as a solo performer, he was chosen to come back as part of the boy band One Direction who of course went on to become world famous. He may have been booted out as a solo singer, but now he’s forging ahead with his own very successful solo career and was the first male artist to ever debut at number one in both the UK and US charts with a single and an album release.

More about Zayn…

  • We’re used to seeing Zayn with his cute short hairstyle, but as a child he loved his long flowing locks, so much they got him expelled from two schools as he refused to have his hair cut!
  • Fancy a date with Zayn? Well study hard and you might be in with a better chance as Zayn loves a brainy girl.
  • Don’t suggest the swimming baths or a romantic boat trip for your first date though as Zayn can’t swim and has a fear of open water.
  • Harry Styles once shaved his initials into Zayn’s leg hair when he was asleep!
  • In 2012 Zayn bought a second hand Bentley Continental GT for £32,000.

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