Happy Valentines Day LOV 3Y!

Love is in the air! How will you be spending the day? A romantic meal for two? A luxurious trip to Paris, or a cosy movie night cuddled up in the front of the sofa? Will you be showering your other half with roses, surprising them with chocolates, or have you bought them the best surprise of all, a private number plate?

Our pick of the most romantic private plates

We think LOV 3Y is a fabulous plate for a Valentine’s gift and it’s available on our website right now.   We have plenty more romantic plates too. We’ve got a large selection of LOV plates such as A002 LOV, T11 LOV, F1 LOV and D4 LOV. Our prices for LOV plates start from just £199 too!  We’ve also got lots of LUV plates. You could go for LUV 3D, LUV 33R, E12 LUV or BU03 LUV. Again these start from the bargain price of £199.

If your partner is a bit of a honey, then how about treating them to HON 33Y, or if they’re particularly hunky then you could get them HUN 1K.

We’ve got loads of MR and MRS plates, you could pick up a couple of these and have one each. That would be cute, but in a cool way, not in a fluffy teddy bear kind of a way. Want some inspiration? Then read on…

Just a few of the MR and MRS plates available right now from Speedy Reg


400 MR

96 MR

600 MR

1977 MR

14 MRS





or how about His Mrs? H15 MRS – if your wife is going to see the funny side, that’s a pretty good one!

If you only have one car that you share, then you don’t need to miss out, we’ve got some plates with both MR and MRS on such as MR04 MRS and MR53 MRS which would also be good for two MRS.

Perhaps a romantic plate is not quite what you’re looking for, maybe you’d simply like a plate with your partner’s name on? Whatever their name is, we’re bound to have the perfect name plate for you. Just type their name into our search box and see what choices we have for you.

A selection of great name plates – perfect for a Valentines gift…

86 TOM – Tom

10 SUE – Sue

ANN 3A – Anna

ANN 6E – Anne

22 BOB – Bob

CHR 13S – Chris

EMM 4X – Emma

DAV 3E – Dave

J41 NET – Janet

2 ROB – Rob

AND 83A – Andrea

996 STE – Steve

36 ROG – Roger

PAU 11L – Paul

BAS 11L – Basil

KAT 7S – Katy

As you can see, there are plates for all names and nicknames, we’ve got thousands for you to choose from, so why not give the ultimate gift of love this year, it’ll last a lot longer than dozen red roses!