Remember Remember the 5th of November!

When the clocks go back and the winter weather sets in, at least we have Bonfire night to look forward to! Will you be going to stand around a bonfire and watch the fireworks? I know it’s cold out there, but it’s good to make the effort, wrap up warm and treat yourself to a toffee apple!

Or perhaps you’re going to stay at home and watch from a distance with a packet of sparklers. Whatever you do, I hope your night goes with a bang!

But do keep safe, bonfires and fireworks can of course be dangerous. Don’t pick up that hot sparkler after it’s finished and never go back to a firework that appears not to have lit. Look after your pets too, many of them really hate fireworks, so make sure they are indoors, shut the windows and give them a cuddle if they’re scared.

Bonfire Night Facts…

  • Did you know, Guy Fawkes wasn’t the brains behind the gunpowder plot? He was just the explosives expert. It is thought that Robert Catesby came up with the plan.
  • There were 36 barrels of gunpowder used in the plot, in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament.
  • Folklore suggests that fireworks were invented by mistake, by a cook who went very wrong with their recipe!
  • If the Gunpowder Plot had been successful the resulting blast would have spread around 500 metres, not only destroying the Houses of Parliament but also Westminster Hall and Abbey.

Penny for the Guy

If your name is Guy, you could save up your pennies and buy yourself a plate with your name on! You shouldn’t need to save up too long either as our GUY plates start from just £495! How about BU02 GUY, N24 GUY or X25 GUY?

Or perhaps you’d love one of our other firework night related plates such as F1 ASH or F11 ASH, you’d certainly look flash with one of those on your car! Maybe, if you love the crack of a banger, you’d like BAN 73R? If you love all that whizz, bang, pop of the fireworks then how about a POP plate such as P30 POP or V222 POP?

Can you find any more bonfire and firework related private plates on our site? If you can, do let us know in the comments!

Have a brilliant bonfire night!