We Wish a Happy Birthday to Simon Cowell

On October 7th Simon Cowell will be celebrating his birthday. We’re sure he’ll be celebrating in style! Like many other celebrity millionaires, Simon Cowell certainly has a vast collection of cars. Perhaps he’ll treat himself to a new one for his birthday this year? That is if there are any cars left in the world that he hasn’t already got!

Within his collection he has not one, but three Bugattis including an awesome 1001bhp Veyron. He’s got a Ferrari 430 as well as a Ferrari California, an Aston Martin DB7, a few Jaguars, a Porsche, a Rolls Royce, a handful of Bentleys and many, many more, including a Mini for nipping around town in!

What on earth would you buy Simon Cowell, the man who has everything, for his birthday? I don’t think a pair of socks and a Netflix voucher are really going to cut it. Of course, we’d play it safe and get him a private plate. Well it’s not like he hasn’t got plenty of cars to put it on is it?

So what plate would we pick out for Simon? A plate with your initials on is pretty cool by anyone’s standards, so SC 34 or perhaps even 69 SC would be a great choice. Or perhaps he’d like a Britain’s Got Talent license plate? He could have 428 BGT or A1 BGT. But perhaps this might remind him of the time his Rolls Royce got a parking ticket in Birmingham when he was busy filming the show! Mind you, I don’t suppose he had a problem finding the cash to pay the fine! We’ve got plenty of X plates with the X Factor such as X1 FXF or maybe a Pop Idol plate would be a good choice? He could have POP 13 maybe.

Well, we won’t actually be buying Simon a private plate for his birthday. Call us mean, but we think multi-millionaires should buy their own personalised plates, and we’ll stick to offering those with slightly less cash a great deal on their private plate purchases instead. Nevertheless, we do hope Simon has a wonderful day – Happy Birthday Simon!


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