Many Happy Returns Bill Gates

October 28th marks Bill Gates’ 62nd birthday. Bill’s full name is William Henry Gates III. His dad being William Henry Gates II. Why do people do this? Doesn’t it get terribly confusing?

Bill started out programming computers when he was at school where he wrote a game of tic-tac-toe. Fast forward to 1975 and he starts up the company that is going to revolutionise computers… Microsoft! This company would result in him becoming a billionaire by the age of 31. Impressive!

Bill has got to be doing something right, but sometimes, he’s just plain wrong. In 2004 he stated that he believed the problem of spam email would be completely gone within 2 years. Well unless the millionaire who wants to deposit 24 million dollars in my bank account is genuine, I think he’s really got this rather wrong!

Bill Gates donates huge amounts of money to charity, in fact, he started up an organisation called The Giving Pledge which encourages billionaires to agree to spend at least half their wealth on philanthropic ventures, either during their lifetime, or bequeathed after their death. Interestingly, and pretty amazingly, on an annual basis Bill Gates’ Foundation spends more money on global healthcare than the World Health Organisation of the United Nations.

With all that good work, we think Bill deserves to treat himself, so how about a fab new set of private plates? Let’s take a look at some good choices for Bill…

He could go for one of our BIL plates. That could stand for Bill or even Billionaire! If your name is Bill you might like one too. There’s plenty to go around. That is, unless Bill Gates buys them all, he could certainly afford it! So what have we got? Well you could have BIL 408, BIL 977 or BIL 1471. Do you think anyone calls him Gatey? If so, he could have GAT 13Y! But perhaps all these plates are just not quite spectacular enough for a billionaire. Or expensive enough! So perhaps he’d prefer a shorter plate with his initials on such as 9 BG, 25 BG or 55 BG. He could also go for 750 BG to celebrate setting up Microsoft in 1975.

Bill obviously loves his computers, and we’ve got the perfect plate for anyone who is totally addicted to their PC… 3333 PC. That’s a great one isn’t it?

So Bill, if you fancy any of these plates, just give us a call. In the meantime… have a brilliant birthday!