Vanessa! Snap up this plate before someone else does!

If your name is Vanessa, then pay attention, we’ve got something just for you! You’re lucky, you’ve spotted this before the likes of Vanessa Redgrave or Vanessa Hudgens because once they see this they’re going to be after it too no doubt! But no, we’ll keep this between ourselves because it’s too good to miss out on. What are we talking about? Well it’s the perfect private plate just for you of course! How do you fancy N28 SSA? We think you’ll look pretty cool driving about with that plate on your car!

Vanessa really is a special name. Do you know how it came about? Most names have a pretty boring explanation. They’re usually derived from some ancient Hebrew word meaning ‘beloved’ or something like that. But not Vanessa. Vanessa has far more interesting and more modern origins. The name was invented by the writer Jonathan Swift. He came up with it especially for a lady called Esther Vanhomrigh whom Swift was tutoring during the early 1700s and went on to have a relationship with for 17 years. How romantic! The ‘Van’ in Vanessa is taken from Esther’s surname Vanhomright, and Essa is a pet version of her first name Esther. So we get Vanessa!

So it really is a name worth celebrating with a brand new licence plate isn’t it! Are you interested? We’ve got plenty of payment options and you can also grab this plate on 12 months interest free finance if you’d like to spread your payments over the year. This of course means that the plate is yours fast, and so you’re not running the risk of Vanessa Redgrave deciding it’s her perfect plate too!

So Nessa, do you think you’d like N28 SSA? Or perhaps we’ve got another great plate for you that you’d prefer? Maybe you’d like a plate with your surname on instead, or your initials? No problem, we’re bound to have just what you’re looking for, just have a play around with our search facility, it’s a lot of fun and it’s very easy. Just type anything you like into the box and see what comes up!

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