Top Ten Festive Number Plates


Here at Speedy Reg we love Christmas. We’ve put up our tree and the decorations. Sadly the boss drew the line at a snow machine in the office though. So we’ve picked out our top ten festive number plates to get you in the Christmas spirit…

Festive Plate Number One – XMA 55ON

How about this XMAS plate to show your love of all things Christmas! It’s available right now for £3,630.

Festive Plate Number Two – SNO 30

If you simply adore the winter weather, you could pick up this snowy plate for £3640. Your midwinter certainly won’t be bleak with that on your car!

Festive Plate Number Three – YUL 3S

Spread Yuletide greetings wherever you go with YUL 3S, on sale for £2180.

Festive Plate Number Four – JOL 3Y

If you have soft spot for jolly old Santa, how about a jolly plate to match? JOL 3Y is available on our site for £5179.

Festive Plate Number Number Five – ANG 31X

Never mind the top of the tree, you will feel on top of the world with this angel plate on your car! Available now for £9295.

Festive Plate Number Six – STA 4

The wise men followed the star of Bethlehem. You’d be wise too if you snapped up STA 4 for £8499.

Festive Plate Number Seven – NOE 11S

For the first Noel and many Noels to come, why not go for NOE 11S. We have this plate for sale for £8800.

Festive Plate Number Eight – 34 RRY

Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas with this merry plate! It’s yours for just £4179.

Festive Plate Number Nine – PEA 59

Do your bit to bring peace on earth, or at least a few smiles, with this peace plate for £3630.

Festive Plate Number Ten – PU03 PUD

If your favourite part of Christmas dinner is the Christmas pudding then how about PUD plate? We have lots of PUD plates such as this one, and at £199 even Scrooge couldn’t object to that!


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