Perfect NIXON Number Plate… NXI 1


Is your surname Nixon? It’s a good name! Do you know its’ origins? If not you’ll be interested to know that it is a shortened version of the name Nicholas, which itself comes from two Greek words. ‘Nike’ meaning ‘victory’, so that’s why the sports brand chose the name, and ‘laos’ meaning ‘the people’ so Nixon means ‘victory of the people’.

We think it’s a victory worth celebrating, and what better way than with this fantastic plate NXI 1. Even though my name isn’t Nixon, I’d still love to have this plate on my car, it just looks so good! You can’t beat a short plate for looking stunning and turning heads, and of course, the number 1 is always the most sought after. Why be number 2 or 3 when you can be number 1!

Now you know we always offer the best prices, but you will realise that this NXI 1 plate isn’t going to be the cheapest one we have available as it’s just so highly desirable! However, don’t worry if you want it but you don’t have the money to hand right now. You can always buy it using our finance option and spread the payments, buying now and paying later!

If you’re concerned about the cost rocketing due to the interest payments, then don’t, our finance product is interest free so you won’t pay a penny more than if you bought it outright. So if you’d like to snap up this great plate, get to our site now and put NXI 1 into the search box. You can then simply click on the Buy button and just follow the simple instructions. If you’d like to buy it on finance, you’ll be able to select the option on the payment page. Otherwise you can choose to pay via credit or debit card, or via PayPal.

With our speedy transfers you’ll soon have your new plates. We can even send you the physical plates, just select the relevant option at checkout. Our plates are very high quality and come supplied with free tamper-proof screws. If you’d also like the ultimate accessory, you can even order a matching car air freshener while you’re placing your order! Shaped like a license plate, it will have your NXI 1 registration on it to match your car!

We’d love this plate to go to a Nixon, so if you know any Nixons, do send them this link. If NXI 1 isn’t the plate for you, do put your own name or initials into our search box, we have masses of great plates like this, there’s bound to be one that suits you and your name even better.