Go back to the future with your number plate


The 21st October 2015 marked the day that Doc and Marty McFly arrived in the future. The creators of Back To The Future made some predictions in their movie and many of these are actually in existence today such as self service petrol stations (although not hovering in mid air), flat screen plasma TV’s, which are everywhere in the film as they are today and Skype, although it wasn’t called Skype in the movie but video calls in the movie resembled a mixture of Facebook and Skype.

There were obviously a great many predictions in the film, which have not yet come true such as hover-boards, flying cars and self drying jackets. One notable point in the movie is the fact that vehicles had number plates in the form of bar-codes. Although the DeLorean had the California registration with ‘OUTTATIME’ on it during Part II when Doc comes back from being in 2015 the number plate has now changed to a barcode.

Although this may seem like a nice idea and seem practical in that it could be scanned to give all sorts of vehicle information Speedy Reg don’t expect to be selling bar coded registrations any time soon.  A bar code reg would make life very difficult for Police and members of the public in being able to identify and easily remember a vehicle if a crime has been committed. For this reason we can’t see number plates being changed to bar codes, we cannot however say whether or not there will be flying cars in the future.


It is possible to go back in time with your number plate. If you have a classic car or you just like old style registrations Speedy Reg have a vast selection of old dateless numbers from both GB and Northern Ireland. So for example if you were born in 1985 and would like a registration from this year our sales team will be able to point you in the right direction and will be able to aid you in your selection in terms of budget.

As well as registrations from the past Speedy Reg can also help you find current registrations and may also be ale to help you secure a future release registration. If you are looking for a future release number Speedy Reg will simply take your details and when they have secured the registration for you they will contact you to proceed.