Personalised Number Plates in time for Valentines Day


What gift truly says ‘I Love You’? With Valentines Day coming up soon, it’s time to get your thinking cap on and come up with a present for your beloved that really shows them how much you adore them. Think outside the box this year. Everyone buys red roses, and unless you’re going to do something original with them like buying forty dozen and filling their car to the brim with them so they cascade out when they open the door, then it’s just pretty dull isn’t it really?

Every supermarket and garage will be full of people buying roses, bunches of roses, it’s just too predictable. Chocolates are equally as boring, and with Valentines Day coming so soon after Christmas, everyone has had enough chocolate, or they’ve still got a cupboard full of it, or they’re trying to resist it because they’ve put on weight over the Christmas period with all that over indulging. Nope chocolates are even worse than roses.

You could opt for some sexy underwear, but that’s a huge risk. There are so many ways to get it wrong. Get a size too big and they’ll think you think they’re fat. Too small and they’ll think you’re hinting that they should slim down to that size. Get something too sexy and they’ll think it’s tacky and that you like ‘that sort of woman’. Too sensible and they’ll just think you’re dull and boring. Nope buying underwear is a minefield best avoided.

You could book a meal out, but then so will everyone else. Every restaurant will be heaving, they’ll double the prices and you’ll never get a taxi home and that’s why services like Uber are popular for their affordable prices, and if you want to give this services you can also compare uber insurance with online quotes to find the best quote for you. A two mile walk home in the freezing cold is not a recipe for love and romance.

Be original, be different, buy a private plate for your loved one. It’s a gift that won’t die like the roses. It’s a gift they’ll always remember. Use our search engine and find the perfect romantic plate. Currently we have some ideal Valentines plates such as LOV 3Y and L1 LUV. For a wife or husband you could go for 14 MRS or 84 MR. Instead of real roses, a ROS 6 plate will never wilt. We think HUG 61S is very cute, and we’ve also got E14 HUG available. If you’ve found your true love, TRU 33E would make the perfect Valentines gift.

Of course there are plenty more options such as a plate with your valentine’s name on it, or both your initials. No matter what you decide, you’ll find just what you’re looking for at