Private Plates available on Finance

Private Plates available on Finance

If you’re currently drooling over some of our highly desirable private plates but you’ve overspent on Christmas and don’t have any cash spare to buy one then fear not! Spend more than £199 on any of our plates and you can buy it on finance.

We like to look after our customers, we’re not here to get you into debt with a high interest rate. We hate those 28394% finance offers you see advertised as much as anyone else, so that’s why we insisted that our finance option had to be interest free. We think it’s unfair to charge people more just because they prefer to spread their payments, or buy now and pay later so we have introduced a finance option at 0% interest.

We think it’s just perfect for those times when you spot the plate you’ve been looking for for ages, but you just don’t have the money in the bank right now. It happens to us all the time, especially at this time of year when you’ve blown the budget on Christmas shopping but you haven’t yet had your substantial Christmas bonus from work (hint hint lovely Speedy Reg bosses). You don’t want to spend the next few weeks checking the site on an hourly basis worried that someone more affluent than you hasn’t snapped it up. That would really put a damper on Christmas Day when you burn the Yorkshire puddings because you’re checking the Speedy Reg database for the 14th time that day.

Nope, that’s just not on. The simple solution is just to order it, but to order it on finance. Your plate is in the bag, but you don’t have to pay for it right now. Sorted!

Taking advantage of our finance option is very easy. Just fill in your details on our checkout page and you’ll see the option for finance in our selection of payment options. Just select finance and you’ll be well on your way to owning the plates of your dreams. What happens next is also pretty straightforward. You’ll be directed to a couple of forms to sign and return, and that’s that! As soon as our finance company are in receipt of your paperwork, we’ll get your plates transferred onto your vehicle, or onto a retention certificate (at no extra cost).

So if you’ve been putting off ordering your new plates until your next payday, do think about buying on finance. As we’ve mentioned, it’s interest free, so you won’t pay any extra, and you’ll have a fantastic Christmas present for yourself. Well, why should the kids get all the best gifts every year!