Looking for Alfie number plates… ALF 13L is available

Alf 13L blog

Plates that represent names are always very popular, so we don’t expect ALF 13L to be around for too long. Someone called Alfie is bound to think it’s just perfect for them. However, it is available at the time of writing, so if you’re an Alfie, just put your name into our search engine on the homepage at www.speedyreg.co.uk and you could get lucky and find it’s still available. If it isn’t, don’t despair, we’ve got plenty of other plates for you to choose from. How about ALF 13S or 808 ALF? We think ALF 4T would make an amazing 40th birthday present for an Alf. 40… 4T… get it?

If your name is not Alf, well we’re bound to still have a great plate for you. Here’s just a small selection of some of our male name plates. Perhaps you’re looking for yourself, or maybe you’d like to treat someone to a really different sort of Christmas present. We can supply any of our plates to give as gifts, and we also offer gift vouchers in a range of denominations.

For Andy: AND 77S or AND 180Y

For Bob:  19 BOB or BOB 60

For Colin: COL 1X or F12 COL

For Daniel: 45 DAN or DAN 11F

For Dennis: 58 DEN or DEN 77S

For Garth: GAR 1H

For Harry: HAR 7T

For John: JOH 17A or 5 JON

For Kevin: KEV 31N or R24 KEV

For Lee: LEE 25 or LEE 1E

For Oliver: OLY 49P or V121 OLY

For Oscar: OSC 412R

For Patrick: PAT 64 or AE02 PAT

For Paul: PAU 7L or PAU 11Y

For Peter: PET 63R or PET 4R

For Robbie: ROB 811E

For Robin or Robert: 13 ROB or ROB 1A

For Tom: 72 TOM or TOM 777E

For William: WIL 6 or WIL 150

All the plates above, and many more are all available at the time of writing. Although we sell plates on a daily basis, we are also always adding plates too, so you won’t be short of choice whatever your name is. Just put your name into our search engine and away you go!