Get a reg on your vehicle for Christmas


Have you just bought your loved one a private registration as a Christmas gift and are worried about how the transfer will work over the festive season? If you are hoping to have the registration on the vehicle for Christmas morning you will need to have this organised a few weeks in advance. Many registrations can now be transferred using the new online system which means a transfer can be completed in minutes and you are free to change over your plates the same day.

If there is a registration that you have in mind for a Christmas gift why not speak to the sales team at Speedy Reg and they will be happy to advise on the best way to handle the transfer in order to suit your requirements. What many of our customers have been doing is purchasing registrations on certificate, which means they can be held for a period of time until they require the transfer to be done. The sales staff at Speedy can advise you on whether the transfer can be done online and if it can they can complete the transfer in the days leading up to Christmas. The log book will then follow from DVLA in the days following Christmas but the plates can be changed over on Christmas morning.

If the transfer cannot be completed online then you have the option of having the retention document posted to you, which you can then have assigned after Christmas or if there is enough time the admin staff at Speedy Reg can forward the paperwork to DVLA to have it assigned manually.

Due to the fact that not all registrations can be assigned online it is necessary to be organised so Speedy Reg can advise that you on what needs to be done. Last minute shoppers may be disappointed if they cannot have the registration on the vehicle in time for Christmas morning so leaving your shopping until Chrismas Eve is not a good idea in this case.

If you are looking for a quick turnaround on a cheap registration many of our cheap Irish registrations can be put on retention using the online system. The retention can then be posted to you or transferred straight to the vehicle using the online system. This is the quickest form of transfer available so if you have the correct vehicle documents with you at the time of purchase a transfer may be completed while you are on the phone provided everything is correct and in order.

The best way of knowing how quickly your transfer can be done is to speak to one of our sales team directly or by email and they can advise you firstly on the status of the registration and, following that, the best way to carry out the transfer in the quickest possible method. If you are hoping for a registration to be transferred that day this is also possible, though this will depend on the status of your own vehicle and of course the registration that you choose.

Speedy Reg like to live up to their name so if you are looking for a speedy transfer for Christmas get in touch today.