Give your mum a personalised gift with a difference


Mothering Sunday this year falls on the 15th March here in the UK and for many it is a day where the whole family get together either going out for a family meal to give your mum the day off or perhaps you get together at someone’s house or perhaps your dad does the cooking. This is traditionally a day of recognition where we all take the time to appreciate our mums and show them how much they really mean to us. This doesn’t necessarily mean lavishing her with expensive gifts and chocolates but rather spending some quality time together as a family, something many of us don’t do very often because we all lead busy lives.

If you are a generous person and like to treat your mum to something a little different why not choose a personalised number plate. If you are feeling very generous you could give her a ‘MUM’ registration such as the dateless MUM 620 or the suffix style MUM 111S.

If you like the idea of a personalised registration for your mum but don’t have a huge budget you will find a large selection of cheap registrations on our website. If you are looking for something for a registration to suit her name why not use our clever search tool on our website to find what you are looking for. For example if your mums name is Sharon you could get her a nice SHZ registration for as little as £50 plus fees you don’t even have to worry about age restrictions as this is a dateless registration. For example if your mum Sharon was born on 1st August 1959 registration SHZ 1859 for the bargain price of £50 plus Vat and transfer fees. You could even treat yourself to one at the same time, perhaps one to match your mums such as MIG 1859.

So if you feel like making an effort this year with your mothers day gift instead of getting her the usual box of chocolates and bunch of flowers why not select something a little more personal that she can keep forever that will give her lasting memories. If you cannot find what you or looking for or need some help why not give our sales team a call.