Buy a registration with the money you’ve saved from Lent



We are just a few weeks into Lent now and if you have decided to give up fast food, alcohol or cigarettes you may find that by the end of Lent you will have saved yourself quite a bit of money, depending on how often you have a take away or how often you go out for drinks.

If by the end of the Lent period you realise you have saved up a nice little nest egg why not treat yourself after all the sacrifice. Most people go on a chocolate or fast food binge when lent is finished but after all that hard work this seems like a shame.

Why not treat yourself to a nice new registration for your vehicle which will always remind you of your effort. Depending on how much you can afford to spend Speedy Reg have registrations ranging in price from as little as £40 so they have options to suit any budget.

If you feel the selection is a little limited in the cheap registrations there are also many personalised DVLA registrations at great value for money. You could have a prefix or current style registration on your vehicle for just over £300 and for a little extra you can treat yourself to a personalised air freshener in the shape of a number plate with your new registration on it to hang from your rear view mirror.

If its just a cheap cover number you are looking for then you won’t do any better than a cheap Irish registration not only are they excellent value for money and look great they can be transferred to any age of vehicle and will make it look like new.

So on Easter Sunday when everyone else is stuffing their faces with chocolate eggs after weeks of fasting why not set a trend and show everyone what you spent your savings on; a nice new registration which you purchased to reward your efforts over lent.