Number Plates from £30

Number Plates

We’re well known for our low prices and our wide selection of cheap private plates, but we’ve got an extra special offer for you coming up very soon. To celebrate the 30th birthday of Speedy Reg, we knew we had to mark the occasion. We thought about giving away a free slice of birthday cake with every order, but we couldn’t trust the hungry Speedy Reg team to save you any, so instead we’ve decided to offer plates for just £30!

£30 doesn’t go far these days, it might pay for a takeaway or a new t-shirt, but if you spend your £30 on a personalised number plate, it will last forever, and it may even increase in value. You won’t get much for your old tshirt on eBay, but one day you could sell your £30 plate and make a tidy profit. Many people are investing in personalised registration plates these days as they’re a fun and safe way to invest your money. They have a good track record of retaining their value, and can also increase in value, plus of course you get to enjoy them!

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