Registrations for Harley Davidsons

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Harley Davidson owners are notoriously proud of their motorcycles and are often part of fan clubs which exist all over the world. Many Harley Davidson owners have personalised registrations for their prized possessions and here at Speedy Reg we find many owners go for HOG registrations (the nickname which the Harley Davidson goes buy).

If you own a HOG and you have always wanted a personalised registration then why not go for something with your initials or your name at the beginning for example if your name is Bob then you could have your very own Bob’s Hog, BO13 HOG. If your name is Barry Adams you could opt for a BA current style ending in HOG for example if your motorcycle was registered after the 1st March 2010 you could have BA10 HOG.

If you cant find what you are looking for or if the age of your vehicle doesn’t suit a current style registration we have many other HOG registrations available. We have many prefix styles to choose from such as D1 HOG, T33 HOG and S888 HOG. There are also several Suffix styles to choose from if your vehicle is a bit older.