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Number Plates

Platewave is the brainchild of Brit Marc Ackerley. Looking for love, and driving a Ferrari, he imagined that he’d pass lots of lovely ladies who would love to get to know him better, but had no way of getting in touch with him. Platewave gives you the chance to contact people via their car registration. The concept is simple, type the registration into the smartphone app or via the website, along with a message, and if the owner of that reg is a platewave member, they’ll get your message.

Available as an app for both iphones and Android phones, you can use platewave while you’re out and about instantly.  What do you think? Would you be flattered with a note of love from someone who had spotted you in your car, or would it freak you out? Personally I’m not sure. Of course people will see you when you’re in your car, especially when you’re as stunningly gorgeous as me  – ha! However, the thought of getting a message from someone who had been watching me while I was doing my shopping I just find a little creepy!

We’ll have to see if it takes off, it could well be the next big thing.