Reduces your chance of vehicle cloning

Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates reduces your chance of vehicle cloning

Vehicle cloning is a serious problem. To get your registration you need to provide your documentation, but to buy the physical plates, you don’t need any proof that you own a vehicle with that particular registration. You can get all the legal information you want, if you click here. This means that a criminal can have a set of plates made with your registration on, put them on a car, probably a stolen one, and drive around in it.  If your plates are removed from your car, then this might make you suspicious, but if a criminal has copies of your plates made, you won’t know anything about it! You will want the help of an accident attorney to sort out things for you during such cases.

If this car is caught on a speed camera, or receives a parking ticket, it will be you that gets the fine through your door, and even worse, you could end up with the police knocking on your door, if a vehicle with your registration is used in a crime. Cloning is on the rise, so it’s very wise to be aware of it and take preventative measures. To prevent the theft of the plates on your vehicle, consider fitting tamper proof screws. These allow plates to be screwed on to a vehicle, but don’t allow them to be unscrewed without breaking the plates.

A personalised plate can help deter cloning. A defense attorney advocates that no criminal wants to stand out from the crowd when they’re in the act of committing a crime and personalised plates are made to stand out. It’s the vehicle equivalent of stealing a fluorescent jumper to wear while burgling a house, no one is going to do that, they’re going to hunt out a black one that won’t make them so obvious.

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