Some good news for drivers

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The topic of petrol prices is never far from the lips of most motorists. Whether we have a long commute to work or just use the car to nip to the shops or do the school run, we all seem to use an awful lot of petrol, and the prices seem to be constantly on the rise. It can account for a big chunk of our monthly budget. However, finally, there is some good news. Due to the increase in strength of the pound against the dollar, petrol prices are currently at their lowest since 2011. The AA reckon this is saving the average family around £15 a month, so while it’s not a huge saving, it is definitely worth having, and much better than yet another petrol price increase!

Check your local prices though, petrol in rural areas tends to be more expensive than it is in towns and cities as there is less competition. It might be worth a little longer drive to your nearest town to fill up than buying it from your nearest garage if you live in the country. Currently the supermarkets seem to be the best bet for the cheapest petrol; with lower prices to encourage you to shop with them. Also keep an eye out for offers; Morrisons often run a promotion whereby you take the till receipt for your shopping to the petrol station and you get a discount on every litre of petrol you buy.

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