How do I buy a cheap personalised registration?



Buying a personalised registration is far easier than you might imagine, and if you’re looking for cheap personalised plates then you must visit us at We have plenty of plates at bargain prices, we even have some for under £99.


The first step to buying a personalised plate is to pick your plate. This is the step that might take you the most time; we’ve got so many to choose from, but our website will help you to narrow down your choice so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find the perfect plate.


Once you’ve found your plate, you’ll see options to enquire, if you have any further questions, or to buy the plate if you’re happy to go ahead. You’ll then fill out your contact details, and you’ll also have the option to buy your physical plates from us too.


Payment is easy, we can take credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Paypal, and we can even offer you 0% finance so you only need to put down a 10% deposit.


We’ll need some documentation from you, then we work directly with the DVLA to get your new plates for you as soon as possible. We are proud to say, we’re the fastest in the marketplace for transfers, many going through the very next day.



Photo credit: MSVG / Foter / CC BY