Name plates for boys


Names are always very popular on personalised number plates and we’ve some great plates for male names.

Many Darrens are known as Daz and we’ve got some amazing deals on DAZ plates. We love DAZ 47 and DAZ 53, they look cool as they’re so short and they’re both available for just £1990. Wouldn’t they make a great birthday present for someone turning 47 or 53? We’ve also got some cheaper DAZ plates. You could pick up AM03 DAZ, AT02 DAZ or AY03 DAZ for just £395.

For Robins or Roberts we’ve got some fabulous BOB plates. How about 19 BOB or BOB 22? We’ve also got BOB 11E available. If you’re known as Rob rather than Bob, then that’s no problem as we’ve got 13 ROB, ROB 1C and ROB 23 ready to buy too.

For Toms we’ve got 86 TOM, TOM 777E and TOM 5J amongst our wide range of TOM plates. For Johns we have JON 101 and 40 JON. Dennis can choose from our DEN plates which include 61 DEN and DEN 55S.

That’s just some of the plates we’ve got for the boys. Pop in your name or nickname to our search facility and let us find you the perfect name plate for you!

Photo credit: Arthur78 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA