London skyscraper melts car!


Still only half constructed, a new London skyscraper has hit an unusual problem. The building known as the Walkie-Talkie, is clad in reflective steel panels and a side effect of this, is that sunlight is being concentrated and reflected, focused on small spots of pavement. The temperature of these hot spots is so high, up to 60C, that it has caused some major issues including melting parts of a Jaguar parked nearby. Other cars have also been affected with blistering paintwork and burnt fabric. It’s not just car drivers either, a bicycle seat has been seen smouldering in the heat. We hope the owner noticed before they sat down on it!

Heat isn’t the only problem. Glare is also very dangerous. Drivers passing the building at the wrong time could be momentarily blinded which of course could easily lead to accidents.

At the moment the parking bays affected have been put out of use, but the developers of the building are going to have to come up with a more long term solution soon!

Photo credit – Duncan ( )