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Birthday girl Cameron Diaz might be in the market for a private registration especially today! The forty one year old actress and former model is still single, as far as we know, and should treat herself to an extra special gift. CAM 20N
would be an excellent registration for her. The team at Speedy Reg believe that a private car registration is the ultimate gift because not only does it look fabulous on your vehicle but it is also a great investment not only holding its value (unlike your vehicle) but will also potentially increase in value throughout the years.

If you are purchasing a registration as a birthday gift and want to keep it as a surprise the team at Speedy Reg will help you to keep the secret by ensuring there are no advertising markings on any mail you receive from them. If the transfer time takes you past the actual birthday but you would like still like to give your loved one something on their birthday why not purchase the physical plates. This will give them something to open on their birthday, however they wont be able to display them until they receive authorisation from the DVLA.

If you would like to purchase a registration as a gift but need some help deciding what to go for why not give the sales team at Speedy a call, they are always happy to help with your choice.

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