Looking for a Private Registration?

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With excellent, efficient websites such as speedyreg.co.uk, which help you track down specific car registrations, it has never been so easy to find your ideal private registration. To give you an example as to how efficient the website really is try searching for your name using the yellow search tool bar (shaped like a car number plate) on the home page. For example if your name is Jack just type this into the search bar and you will be given several suggestions in dateless, prefix, suffix and current style.

JAC 1K for example is the best match you will find, however if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to this you will find several other JAC registrations. If birthday boy Jack Black would like a personalised number plate Speedy Reg are certain that he would be able to invest in the JAC 1K registration, however we could also offer him JAC 56B, which includes the B for his surname.

All types of registrations can be easily purchased online, however if you are unsure of anything you can either check the terms and conditions listed on the website or give the sales team a call as they are always happy to help with any queries. Upon purchasing any type of registration please note that you will be contacted by one of the Speedy sales team to ensure you understand the transfer procedure and to check that all your vehicle documents are in order either for sending to Speedy for them to complete the transfer or in the case of a GB mainland customer purchasing a GB retention certificate to confirm that you understand how to complete the transfer yourself through your local VRO.

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