Some simple tips to get your car through its MOT

Number Plates

It’s amazing the amount of seemingly small problems that can cause your car to fail its MOT. Here are some tips to get you through the test.

Firstly check yournumber plates. A grubby number plate isn’t allowed, giving them a quick clean could make all the difference. Make sure they’re securely attached and also check that your plate uses the correct font and spacing. Check online for details if you’re unsure. Any other font, and the wrong spacing is an MOT fail, but it’s also illegal. Of course if you’ve bought your number plate from Speedy Reg then this won’t be an issue as all our plates conform to the correct legal standards.

Check your windscreen wipers. They must be in good condition, so check the rubber for wear, and make sure they are clean. Replacement windscreen wipers can be bought quite cheaply and they’re not difficult to fit yourself. Also check that your screen wash container isn’t empty as that could be another MOT fail.

Check the depth of your tires. You can get a tyre depth checker very cheaply, this will help to ensure that your tyres satisfy the minimum depth requirements of 1.66mm.

Check all your lights, it’s easy to have a light out and not notice. Get someone to check them with you, so you can turn them on and they can tell you if they’re activating or not. Replacing a bulb is a cheap and simple process.

Photo Credit – By T.Voekler (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons