HBE 45T cherished registration for Obama

Small CAr verses huge Beast

County Fermanagh, the home of Speedy Registrations, is in a bit of a media frenzy at the moment as the world news focuses on the G8 Summit, which began yesterday at the exclusive Lough Erne Resort Hotel. World leaders from the Eight countries taking part in the Summit (UK, USA, Russia, France, Italy, Canada, Japan and Germany) began arriving in County Fermanagh from Saturday. President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron arrived together yesterday morning but before the talks began in Fermanagh Obama presented a keynote speech in Belfast to school children from across Northern Ireland.

On their way to the Lough Erne Resort both Obama and Cameron stopped off at an Integrated Primary school in Enniskillen to meet with Children and this came as quite a surprise as they had only been informed of their special visitors that morning. The team at Speedy Reg took a few minutes out of their busy day to watch Obama and his procession of security and police drive past on their way to the Summit meetings.

They were quite surprised to see Obama’s armoured vehicle, known playfully as ‘The Beast’ by Obama and his wife Michelle, flanked by an unusual red vehicle with the registration HBE 45T and it almost looked as though the two vehicles were in a stand off. Obama’s ‘beast’ was no match for the red micro mini as it sped off towards Enniskillen. The driver of the vehicle is unknown, however the Speedy Reg team have a suspicion that it could have been company director Des Elton as he mysteriously disappeared just before the President’s convoy drove past.

If anyone has any information about this unusual activity or saw any strange goings on around the time of Obama’s arrival please get in contact. Alternatively if you would be interested in purchasing the HBE 45T cherished registration please get in touch.


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