Number plates around the world – Australia


 Number Plates

Australian number plates are issued by the State or Territory government. They are linked to the vehicle and stay with that vehicle for life, unless you move from one state to another, then you’ll need another plate.

Each state has a different number plate system, but all plates are made of pressed aluminium and have to be of the same dimensions.  The plates of each state usually differ in colour too.

Let us look at the plates for each state:

Australian Capital Territory – White plates with blue text.

New South Wales – Yellow plates with black text.

Victoria – White plates with blue text.

Queensland – White plates with burgundy text.

South Australia – White plates with black text.

Western Australia – With plates with blue text.

Tasmania – White plates with blue text.

Northern Territory – White plates with orange text.

The plates have the state name on them too.

Photo credit – By NRMA Motoring and Services from Sydney, Australia [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons