Jaguar F-Type leaves the factory

Car Number Plates

The new Jaguar F-Type has finally left the Birmingham factory and reports on the performance are good. The last sports car made by Jaguar was the E-Type which was made way back in 1975 so this new model has been a long time coming, greatly anticipated by Jaguar enthusiasts who are unlikely to be disappointed.

A true British classic that is still being made here in the UK. It’s estimated that over 75% will be exported overseas, predominately to the US. If you’re lucky enough to be a proud owner of one of these super 2-seater Jaguar F-Types, you may well want a head turning license plate to go with it. Look no further than Speedy Reg, we’ve got some great JAG plate. You can take your pick from 55 JAG, 75 JAG, JAG 15V, JAG 3R, JAG 64N and more! The perfect compliment for your new car. We’re sure both the car and the plate will bring you joy for many years to come! Just put the word JAG into our search engine and you’ll see some great plate options to choose from.